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The World's Leading Ceramic Coatings Start with Cerakote

Cerakote is the driving force behind the ceramic coatings industry. With over twenty million dollars invested, we are the world's leading innovator & manufacturer of inorganic polymers and ceramic coatings.

Other Brands say they're #1We Prove It

Put Cerakote to the test against any brand and experience our unmatched gloss, slickness, water behavior, and durability for hundreds of real-world washes.

True Inorganic Ceramic Technology

True Inorganic Ceramic Technology

Quick and Easy to Apply

Quick & Easy to Apply

No Power Tools Required

Extreme Water Behavior

Makes Cleaning Your Vehicle Easy

Makes Cleaning Your Vehicle Easy

Professional Results

Professional Results

Unmatched Gloss, Slickness, and Shine

Unmatched Gloss, Slickness and Shine


The genuine power of true inorganic ceramic coatings, innovated by the world's foremost manufacturer of ceramic polymer technologies. Experience unparalleled restoration, performance, and durability with absolute confidence. Rely on Cerakote, the globally acclaimed and most trusted name in ceramic coatings.

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How It's Made

Tour Cerakote's world-class manufacturing facility. Watch this 1-minute video and see why automotive detailers and enthusiasts trust Cerakote's technology to deliver unmatched performance.

Professional DetailersTrust Cerakote

The most discerning automotive detailers and enthusiasts trust Cerakote's technology to deliver unmatched performance.

Project Detail, Canada"Very easy to use and felt better than the product we currently use."

Kevin, Professional Detailer, Canada"Application is super easy. Anyone without prior experience could do the application. The 'sweating' effect is pretty visible so it’s easy to know when to wipe off. Wipe off is a breeze no matter how long I let it sit for. It didn't really take much effort, nor did it smear during wipe off. Sickness and gloss are amazing!""The product is extremely easy to use, you can't mess it up. Slickness is 10/10, there is no comparison."

Professional Detailer, United Kingdom"Best water movement I have ever seen."

Rod Andow"The coating is amazing.. Very easy to apply and remove especially on my metallic black car. I applied it for 6 minutes at which point the coating has transferred to the surface and left a "seated finish". Wipe off was extremely easy and let no high spots! I convinced this coating is definitely a game changer. It was so good I decided to order a second kit today!"

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