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Cerakote Trim Coat is a ceramic coating that lasts 200 washes!

Unlike dressings, Cerakote Trim Coat restores unpainted plastic trim to its original glory and then lasts for 200 washes or more — looking darn near as good on the 200th wash as it does on the first.

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What The Pros Say

Having been a professional classic car restorer for 29 years, I have tried just about every product designed to bring back the rich, dark color of newly molded plastics and trim…until now…

Ken Mann - Pacific Pony Cars

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Unlike other “dressings” which provide a temporary oily like finish, Cerakote Trim Coat is a durable ceramic coating which bonds to the pores of unpainted plastic trim — restoring it to its original appearance. But it doesn’t stop there, once applied, it cures to form a ceramic layer of protection. We’re so confident in our Trim Coat technology that we guarantee it to last for at least 200 washes.

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Trim Coat restores and protects weathered unpainted plastic trim to like new luster and shine.

200 Washes... Easy.

Just one application is guaranteed to last up to 200 washes. Beyond that, who knows? If you need further proof, click to review our detailed testing report. 

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The pre-moistened applicator makes it as easy as opening the package and wiping Trim Coat on.

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